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Letter from the President

Kevin A. Boyles
Team Resources, INC
3160 Telegraph Rd, Suite 202
Ventura, California

Dear Reader,

I have been in the Oil & Gas business since 1986, having been through some of the toughest years and now some of the most profitable. I’ve done just about everything you can imagine from drilling with the Majors “exploring” in and out of water, property acquisitions to simple developments of proven reserves. Over the last 20 years the best personal financial results I’ve achieved has been from “developing proven reserves”.

The Energy Sector has outperformed nearly every sector in the investment arena over the past five years. A lot of the current stock market woes are now caused by the sub-prime lending issues, lower housing markets and of course the run up in oil & gas prices. The mood is very unsettled and there is talk of a recession looming.

With booming oil & gas prices, Team Resources has focused our energy and capital over the past few years at acquiring under-developed quality leases with proven reserves. By drilling new wells in between existing wells (in underdeveloped fields) we should enjoy a high completion rate and good returns.

It is forecasted that the consumption of oil & gas will nearly double over the next decade, primarily because of the economic growth in China & India. It may be decades before alternative energy’s begins to substitute for our insatiable demand for oil. Until then, the most reliable source of energy is oil & gas.

Making money in the Energy Sector is not limited to only buying oil & gas stocks. There is another niche that is available to accredited investors. I am referring to Direct Participation of domestic natural oil & gas reserves. There are two major incentives associated with Oil & Gas Direct Participation Programs (DPPs): major tax write offs and great cash flow – from the sale of the produced oil & gas.

This investment vehicle has been utilized primarily by the wealthy for years to generate income & wealth while reducing their tax liabilities. The major difference with what Team Resources offers versus publicly traded companies is the ability for our clients to own a “direct” participation and ownership in the actual oil & gas well itself. This allows Federal approved tax deductions to “flow through” directly to the investors. Usually 75-80% of an investment into a natural oil & gas development project will qualify (in the year of the contribution) for a full write off. This reduces your overall potential tax liabilities in the year the investment is made. Dividends for the sale of our oil & gas are paid to us and distributed to our clients on a monthly basis.

Let us educate you on the benefits of DPPs and help you leverage one of best kept secrets in the energy sector.


Kevin Boyles,
Team Resources, INC

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